Privacy Policy

Gambling is inextricably linked to the disclosure of personal data. Our service does not under any circumstances disclose confidential information! This applies to any information received from users, including: details of electronic wallets and bank cards, IP address, mobile phone numbers, electronic mail box, FULL NAME, residential address and other information about the player’s identity.


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Security technology

By personal data covered by the Agreement on trade secrets, which is every employee of our service. We guarantee complete confidentiality and anonymity. Do not worry about the safety of personal information!


The traffic exchange between our portal and computers or mobile devices of users occurs through a secure channel. Reliability of the connection is confirmed by SSL- certificate Best Bonus Money. If you want to view technical information about the latter, then click on the image of the castle located to the left of the domain name of our site in the address bar of the browser.

Personal data is stored in encrypted form. Files are protected by 128-bit cryptographic code. Viewing personal information is possible only with a master password.

Our security service monitors the portal around the clock. Hacking user accounts is excluded. Note! Never provide data from your profile to anyone – security officers have access to all the necessary information, such requests sometimes come to the mail from scammers.

The storage of personal data received from visitors to our site is carried out indefinitely. This is necessary to counter fraud and prevent money laundering. Thanks to the use of the most modern technologies, the continuous operation of the security system does not cause any inconvenience to users.

Casino privacy

Our service offers the best online n-casinos that also protect player data and do not transmit confidential information to third parties. Details of the privacy policy can be clarified on the sites of gambling portals. As a rule, the conditions for the processing and storage of personal information are published in the appropriate section, which is available for viewing even to unregistered users.